Pastor Janisch

In 1991 the Lord moved Pastor Janisch to accept the call to serve at Ascension Lutheran Church. Over the course of his years at Ascension, Pastor Janisch has seen the congregation grow from a small gathering of God's people to a medium-sized ministry, which offers a wide variety of programs. Pastor Janisch attributes that success to a focus on God's word. He says,

"People desperately need the word of the Lord. In the word we meet Jesus. In the word we discover God's love for us. In the word we learn of his will for our lives. If we at Ascension Lutheran church engage people with the word of the Lord, he will bless our ministry."

Pastor Janisch received his Bachelors degree from Northwestern College and his Master of Divinity degree from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Previously, Pastor Janisch served as Hispanic outreach pastor at Cordero de Dios (Lamb of God) Lutheran Church in Miami, Florida, and as Campus Chaplain at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Pastor Janisch, his wife Bethel, and their three children live in Plymouth.