Extended Day

Your child will have the option of signing up for an Extended Day program.  The details of the program are included in the policy below.

You will be able to sign up for the program on a weekly basis.  There is a form on the M/W/F bulletin board in the front entryway.  If you sign your child up, and for some reason they cannot stay, please erase their name so there is a spot available for another child if needed.  We will cap the number of children at 20 on M/W/F and 10 on T/TH.

Extended Day Policy

Ascension Lutheran Preschool’s Extended Day will be offered to all students that want to come for the lunch period of 12:00 – 1:00 PM.  Students will eat lunch and have an additional play time either outside, in our large muscle room, or in the classroom.  The fee will be $7.00 per day.  The parents will be required to pack a healthy lunch for their child.  State licensure requires that we give every child a glass of milk, however, your child is not required to drink it.  If your child has a milk allergy, please let the teachers know in advance.  You may also pack another drink for your child.

The Extended Day program will be capped at 20 students on M/W/F and 10 students on T/Th.  Invoices will be sent home with your child at the end of every month, and payment is due by the 5th of every month.  For instance, parents will sign their children up for the month of September, then October 1st they will be billed for those days they signed up for.  On October 5th payment will be due for the month of September.  Parents are asked to write a check made out to Ascension Lutheran for the fee.  The checks may be placed in the clear container located on Mrs. Melott’s desk.

The posted form is what we use for invoicing.  If you are signed up and cannot attend, it is your responsibility to make that change on the form.  Any changes not made by the end of the month will be included in that month’s invoice.