What We Teach

science.jpgParents are to be the first teachers of their children and the church and school are to assist them.

Our curriculum will encourage children to express themselves through art, music, dramatic play and creative movement. Each class combines child-directed activities and teacher-led activities. This combination will prepare children for the structure and expectations of the traditional school environment.

During each school day children will explore a theme with hands-on projects and stories in both small and large group settings. As the children are learning and exploring, our staff maintains a constant Christian, caring and nurturing environment.

Other focus areas include:

+ Spiritual Development through daily Bible stories, devotions and prayers

+ Science Experimentation/Observation with hands-on activities

+ Fine Motor Manipulation through developing writing skills and playing with manipulative toys

+ Cognitive Development through learning concepts in language and math

+ Creative Play by participating in dramatic play and centers set up in the classroom

+ Music and Movement through finger plays, singing and dance

+ Large Muscle Development with play on equipment that promotes large muscle usage and physical fitness